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Schafer Haus 31 "Holograms"

Scott sits down with Artist/Musician, “I Am Hologram” to discuss all of his current musical endeavors! Hologram also gives  an amazing acoustic performance of some of the choice cuts from his upcoming August 16th Release:

“Not All of Us Are Human”.

The two also delve into:

-His Album Release Show

-The healing power of music 

-His creative process and what compelled him to begin performing again after years away from the stage

-How he retaught himself to play guitar after suffering an epileptic seizure 

-The role CBD Oil has played in helping to manage his symptoms 

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Schafer Haus 30 "Gettin Grungy"

Scott and Trevor discuss the history of Grunge and the impact it still has on popular music today! The two play some of their favorite covers from the early 90's as well as some original material influenced by the great alternative and grunge bands of the era. 

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Schafer Haus 29 "Talking 'Bout the Blues"

Scott and Trevor talk about the history of the Blues and why Blues music is more relevant today than ever before! Trevor gives us a lesson on the blues theory and they play some original songs inspired by the greats of American Blues!

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Schafer Haus 27 "The Ideal Solution"

Schafer Haus chats with Best Selling Author and Fitness Guru, Nate Palmer III.

NP3 shares some of his hilarious stories traveling in Central America and gives us his refreshing takes on: The Ketogenic Diet, effective fitness routines, the proper way to hydrate when drinking and how to stay in shape wherever you are!





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Schafer Haus 26 "No Looking Back"

The Schafer Haus Chops it up with Comedian Luis Alvarez and Guitarist/Songwriter Trevor Johl!

Luis speaks candidly about how his comedy career began and what it feels like to have performed at the World Famous "Comedy Store" in Los Angeles!

The panel also delves into some random topics including: The Borders, Kids and Technology, The Walking Dead, The Karate Kid, The Marvel Universe, A Quiet Place, Cryotherapy and Psychedelics!

Instagram: luiscomedy

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Schafer Haus 25 "All the Way In"

The Schafer Haus panel reconvenes for Season Two! We start this season out with a Bang, talking with Artist/Rapper/Musician/Actor, St Pierre!

Pierre, along with his Groovemaster, "Lazy on the Beat" speak about making the jump from part time to full time artists and provide us with some insight into what drives their creative vision!

We also tangentially drift into random topics such as: Andre the Giant, Spirit Animals, Gary Vaynerchuck, Joyner Lucas, Wizards of Waverly Place, Super Troopers 2 and Kanye West! 

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Schafer Haus 22 "Original Gangsters" Part 2

Schafer Haus continues our conversation with our old friend Bobby Garcia! We talk more about his production company (Bobby G Entertainment) and his vision for the future. We also discuss: Dealing with Club Owners, Breaking Cajons, Kid n Play, Police Dogs and Sound Business Practices

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Schafer Haus 21 "Original Gangsters" Part 1

The Schafer Haus catches up with our oldest friends in the the local music scene: Audio Engineer, Promoter, Producer and All Around Great Person, Bobby Garcia! Bobby talks about his early days growing up in Los Angeles and what gets him excited about the music biz!

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