Friend Like You

Lyrics a by Scott Schafer

Copyright 2012


Won’t you come on in?

So glad to see you again

Here’s an ice cold one with your name on it

Here’s, to where we’re going, where we are and where we’ve been, my friend


Do you ever find it strange?

How life has this funny way

Of bringing like minds back together

We just carry on like the world ain’t never changed

(But I’m afraid)

When you look at the news today

It seems the art of a kind word has all but gone away

(We've got nothing positive to say)

They’re so desperate for an extra dollar

They’ll run you down to get their fifteen minutes of fame

(What a shame)

I know times are tough, I guess it’s hard to blame 'em


(But) I’ve been trying to understand the cold and cruel things people do

But Lord, the only conclusion that I could come to………


Those poor souls probably never had a friend like you


(By the way)

Thanks for picking me up

When all I seem to do is drag me down

For always putting a smile right on my face

In of spite life’s inevitable frowns


I probably don’t deserve the kindness that you show me

But I got you Homie, when the checks come in (again)


Even if I’m destined to die a poor old man


I’ve got your back, get you some jack, if it’s the last thing I do

Because I understand the value few rich men seem to

(Life isn’t worth much of nothing)

Without a friend like you



(By the way)

Thanks for picking me up

When the price of gas just keeps me hanging 'round

For that little beam of sunshine

Breaking through life’s perennial clouds


(You remind of the power, in the here and now)


So, if you find yourself wondering if

Your plans are going come through

Just tell me what you need

And I’ll do all I can do


To help pick you up

When all you seem to do is drag you down


(I’ll say it long and I’ll sing it loud)


(Because) when I find myself stuck in the days of doubt, we all do

I just smile and I remember

There’s nothing in this life I can’t do

Because I got a friend like you